Many times my hands have acted poorly

Many times my heart lacked shame

What does mean to hang my head in sorrow

When all I've done has led to pain

Who am I to be forgiven?

And what actions are left to take

This land has moved on in the wind

In ash and sand and rain

The fire burns

Here I am a lonesome man

bringer of the grid

Is the damage irreversible?

Is the soil below conservable?

Or did the man that I once was win?

Is it a selfish need I pursue

Asking ghosts I have created

To help me calm my blues

I mess I have delivered

And consequences never considered

Hang me like a noose

I've done some wrong

That can not be stricken

How many times 

Can I ask to be forgive

The prairies ash

And it blows beneath me

Soon we all will

Join it the wind

I have burned every forest

Or fell every tree

I've fed the rivers poison

And killed to gain my means

The hills have all boiled

In an ash filled breeze

The prairie collected in pockets

Of selfish greed

The river slows to a steady halt

Until it drips a clumsy stream 

The mountains fall and transform before me

To a sand filled sea

The fire burns